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Our novel technology supports imagination in the world of art. Theater Equipment

Just before the show, the audience sits in their seats, their hearts beating a little faster. Then the bell rings to signal the start of the performance. The lights dim, the curtain rises quietly, and the show begins. The stage, bright all at once, steals the audience’ eyes, now transfixed on the theatric art in front of them, unable to miss a moment. Behind the scenes of the atmosphere of this stage lies the theater equipment of Kayaba System Machinery.

Our theater equipment is made to be easy to use even for grassroots groups, while satisfying the needs of pros for high-level performance in road shows, same-day performance, and more. The equipment is also made to be easy to upgrade as needed even after its administration has begun. Moreover, our company is organized to be able to respond to current and future changes in theatrical art by remodeling existing equipment.

We put safety first, with the motto of “No dropping, no tumbling, no pinching.” Our quality management, grounded in ISO 9001, uses failure analysis methods such as FMEA and FTA to offer highly reliable equipment and controls.


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